Directing Actors – The Travis Technique

The director-centric Travis Technique is a transformational approach to cinematic storytelling. The Travis Technique offers you innovative ways of working with actors to elicit instantaneous and authentic performances that translate brilliantly onto the screen. The Travis Technique will embolden you in the art of fearless storytelling and creating powerful, imaginative, character-driven films.

Often the Director/Actor relationship is hampered by the discomfort and tension of result directing. The Interrogation Process opens the door for actors and directors to ignite the Character together, turning tension and discomfort into curiosity and adventure. With the Interrogation Process, directors can achieve instantaneous and deeply-felt performances consistently, even on tight schedules and tiny budgets.

The Interrogation Process is about how to get the performance you want without ever asking for the performance you want; it’s about how to get the performance you want even if you don’t know what performance you want, and then getting floored by a performance beyond your wildest dreams.

In Scene 22 you can see how Interrogation works. During the workshop, Mark Travis will deconstruct the process, step by step, showing you the subtle techniques for freeing the actors and letting the characters take control.

Dieser Workshop in englischer Sprache wird vom FilmFernsehFonds Bayern gefördert.
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